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Learn About the Human Body in a Fun Way with Mind-Blowing “Virtuali-Tee” App

Augmented reality is the future of learning. 

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Augmented reality is the future of learning. 

Kickstarter project launched by Curiscope will employ augmented and virtual reality in a “Virtuali-Tee” — a smart T-shirt that you can wear. Once launched, the smart T-shirt will be accompanied by a smartphone app that will allow children, as well as adults, to learn more about the human body.

Viewing the Virtuali-Tee through Curiscope’s free mobile app will enable users to see 3D model graphics of the body in order to explore the different organs in the body — all with augmented reality. Users will be able to take a closer look at lungs, heart, urinary and digestive tract, as well as having the ability to zoom in and observe finer details inside a 3D representation of blood vessels. The Virtuali-Tee can also be paired up with a virtual reality headset, which would make the learning experience more real, with a 360-degree visual input.

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As Curiscope stated on their Kickstarter page:

"Engagement-driven curiosity drives learning, and we are going to encourage kids to pursue learning outside of the classroom as well as in it.”
You can visit Curiscope’s Kickstarter here to learn more. They are still required to raise more than £45,000 (roughly $63,000) to make their Virtuali-Tee project a reality, and you have until the end of March 2016 to back their campaign.  

The video below takes a closer look at the Virtuali-Tee and how it will work:  

Go on, head over and support their campaign to make learning about the human body much more fun!


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