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Meet Jia Jia, China's Most Realistic Humanoid

She can respond to human conversation!

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She can respond to human conversation!

The University of Science and Technology of China recently unveiled an interactive, eerily human-looking robot named Jia Jia.

It took the research team three years to develop a robot that behaved as naturally as possible. Jia Jia is so realistic that she is able to move her arms, make different facial expressions, and even respond to human conversation.

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According to the team leader Chen Xiaoping, particular attention was paid to her eye movements and lip synchronisation. The team hopes to make further enhancements to Jia Jia that would make it possible for her to laugh and cry.

“We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people," Xiaoping told Xinhuanet.  

More details about Jia Jia described in the video here:


Although, the researchers won’t be mass-producing Jia Jia just yet, we have seen that robots have become increasingly more realistic and interactive during the last decade.

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