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MIT Researchers Developed the World's Toughest Tongue Twister

Why do tongue twisters trip us up so badly?

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Why do tongue twisters trip us up so badly?

We’ve all likely tried some of the more famous tongue twisters that have made their rounds over the years. For instance, saying “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” five times in a row as fast as you can. Can you say it without making a mistake?  

Now, there is one tongue twister developed by MIT researchers back in 2013, and it will surely make you trip up.

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The researchers developed what they believe is the hardest tongue twister, following psychology research into what tongue-twister-induced speech errors may tell us about our brains.

Try saying the phrase 10 times without making a mistake! “Pad kid poured curd pulled cod”

In this video by DNews, they discuss the tongue twister developed by MIT and delve into why it’s so difficult to say without making a mistake! Good luck!

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