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Nikola Tesla’s Controversial Wireless Electricity Experiments

The genius Tesla and his wireless electricity experiments.

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The genius “Tesla” and his wireless electricity experiments.

Nikola Tesla has become a household name for being one of the maddest scientists in history that never got the full recognition he deserved. 

One of the things Tesla most wanted to achieve with his inventions was to provide the world with wireless electricity.  Tesla came close to achieving this dream when he created the infamous “Tesla Coil.”  Tesla developed the coil in 1891, long before the conventional iron-core transformers were used to supply power to things like telephone circuits.  The concept of the coil makes use of electromagnetic force and resonance.

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Although his scientific experiments and methods weren’t always entirely safe, he was however able to generate short distance transmission of wireless electricity, which turned out to be quite impressive. Unfortunately Nikola Tesla lived in a time where his worked was frowned upon by those in society, even if he had accomplished some remarkable results with his experimentation in the name of science!




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