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Roam City Streets as Stray Dog in New RPG Game

This new RPG game will let you experience what it's like for dogs to live in a human-dominated world.

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This new RPG game will let you experience what it's like for dogs to live in a human-dominated world.

Human culture and technology have had undeniable repercussions on the natural world, forcing all animals to adapt and change their lifestyles to survive. Nowhere is this more apparent than with domesticated animals that have lost many of the instincts they once relied on for independent survival.

"Home Free," a new RPG computer game called set to launch in 2016, will allow us to view human-centric city streets from a much lower perspective: as a stray dog. The game will force us to access deeply-buried impulses in order to survive in a less friendly world where humans are just as likely to either give you a scrap of food or chase you away. 

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Each player gets to explore a completely unique urban terrain where every choice they make shapes how the game unfolds. Your canine avatar will have to figure out where to find the tastiest garbage, the friendliest humans, the most dangerous streets, and more. There's even a multiplayer mode that allows friends to form canine packs to take on the city together. 

Kevin Cancienne, the creator of "Home Free," hopes it will give people a deeper sense of empathy for the animals we have displaced. Much of the appeal of video games comes from escaping mundane reality, but "Home Free" simply takes that same reality and twists it to make it exciting and new. Living as a dog will certainly give players a completely radical gaming experience unlike any other, and perhaps change the way we look at our own civilization. Plus, dogs are objectively adorable and wonderful — who hasn't occasionally dreamt of living such a simple life?

If you're interested in the game, visit its Kickstarter page to back the project and learn more!

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