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Selfies Are More Lethal Than Sharks

Seriously. Selfies have killed more people this year than shark attacks. 

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So far, 12 people have been killed as a result of unsafe selfie-taking in 2015 — compared to eight lives being taken due to shark attacks. 

The leading cause of death during the unfortunate selfies-gone-wrong was falling, so it’s important to stay cautious while trying to snap a cool shot on a tall monument or at the top of a steep flight of stairs.

Unfortunately, most people are more fixated on whether their nose looks weird at a certain angle rather than their surroundings. Selfies, typically laughed off as irritating and narcissistic, are actually proving to be dangerous. 

Some monuments and attractions, like Disneyland, have actually taken it upon themselves to ban selfie sticks, claiming, “Selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.” 

Instagram is being flooded with an increasing number of daredevil selfies, featuring photographers dangling their feet off skyscrapers or people creeping dangerously close to wild animals to snap a quick selfie. 

The bottom line: Think before you selfie. Sharks, one of the most misunderstood creatures of the sea, take a lot of heat for allegedly being terrifying, vicious, man-eaters. But in the modern day and age of 2015, it seems that daring selfie-taking habits are even more lethal than Jaws. 

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