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This Resume for Elon Musk Shows Why You Need Only One Page

Less is more when it comes to your resume, according to one online resume-writing firm.

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Less is more when it comes to your resume, according to one online resume-writing firm.

Elon Musk is generally considered one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs in history. His achievements span from co-founding the successful electronic payment system PayPal, to inventing high-performance electric cars at Tesla Motors. Musk is also the sole founder of SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation service that recently successfully launched and landed a reusable rocket.

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With all those extraordinary accomplishments, how large would Elon Musk’s resume be? One might imagine it would span at least a dozen pages to do justice to his qualifications. Well that’s not necessarily the case according to experts at the online resume-writing firm, Novorésumé, where they believe less is actually more when it comes to resumes.

Novorésumé created a sample of Musk’s resume to prove their point. In conversation with Business Insider, co-founder Andrei Kurtuy said: “Even a highly successful career like his can be presented in a one page résumé.”

The resume shown below lists all of Musk’s qualifications and his noteworthy achievements on a single page.

Elon Musk's resume, created by Novoresume.comElon Musk's resume, created by


The elaborate design of the one page resume, really captivates the eye. Note the use of the skills and competency bars, although sometimes frowned upon when used in resumes, here it clearly gives the resume a slight edge by summarizing the information in a visually appealing manner.

The overall design and visual simplicity of the resume shows that one shouldn’t be required to have more than a one page resume, even if you are Elon Musk.

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