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Screen capture from video by Toronto Zoo

Watch: Adorable Giant Panda Cubs Learn to Walk at Toronto Zoo

Some much cuteness!

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Some much cuteness!

These two cute giant panda cubs are now just over four months old and are learning to take their first steps. The cubs were born in Canada at the Toronto Zoo on October 13, 2015 as part of a worldwide giant panda conservation breeding program.

Giant Panda babies are born in a very undeveloped state so the first 100 days after the birth are  critical. Caring for a newborn is so intensive that, in the wild, mothers must choose to look after one twin or the other, she cannot save both. Even in the controlled environment of a zoo, there is a significant risk that one twin will die, as was the case at the Smithsonian Institute last August.

Fortunately, the Toronto Zoo staff were successful in their efforts to share the workload, allowing each cub to spend equal time with their mom. This method is known as co-operative twin swapping.

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The adorable little cubs have made great progress since birth and seem to be healthy and in good condition. They are definitely the cutest pair at the Toronto Zoo!

Learn more about giant panda and their conservation at the Toronto Zoo in the video below:


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