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Screenshot of Reaction Packs with a Pokémon theme

You Can Now Change the Facebook Reaction Emojis to Any Image You Like!

Are you getting sick of the new ones already?

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Are you getting sick of the new ones already?

A few weeks ago, Facebook expanded its Like button to six possible reactions — like, love, haha, sad, angry, and wow — and user responses have been mixed. If you are one of the people who is already tired of the new emojis, you might want to consider Reaction Packs, a free Chrome and Firefox Extension, to liven things up.

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Downloading Reaction Packs will let you change the image that appears for each emotion. You can choose from a preset list or even create your own. Some of the current themed sets include Pokémon, Soot Sprites, and Donald Trump. Unfortunately, you are the only one who will be able to see the personalized images. They don’t transfer over when you react to a friend’s post — and maybe that’s a good thing. I would spend all my time trying to figure out what the tiny images below a status update mean about how a friend feels about it. The plugin is also not yet available for mobile devices.


Reaction Packs’ website describes itself as a way to “Swap out Facebook's reactions for something a little more fun.” I can just imagine changing up the little yellow faces for pictures of my friends and pets laughing, crying or growling. Minions or Hello Kitty pictures could also brighten Facebook pages. I’d be a lot more tempted to use the reactions in any case!

What do you think? Would you give this new possibility a like?

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